Why are EVA suits or spacesuits white? – Top Two Reasons

Why are EVA suits white?
Why are EVA suits white?

White spacesuits are used by astronauts while going on spacewalks for doing work outside the space shuttle or International Space Station. There are a few reasons for choosing a white color. The foremost reason is that white reflects heat and this is required to protect the astronauts from getting too warm. Astronauts can also get too cold, but that is usually in their control. For this, the spacesuits have heaters in their gloves.

Another important reason for using white color is that white is visible against the black background of space. Thus other astronauts can easily see the spacewalker. Also, since spacewalkers always go out in pairs, one of the spacesuits always has red stripes in four places so that the other astronauts can distinguish between the spacewalkers.
Inside the spaceship, astronauts get to wear clothes similar to those you wear every day.

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Final Frontier Design, a startup based in Brooklyn is developing spacesuits that can withstand the pressures of deep space at a retail price of less than $2 million per piece. This price is just a fraction of what NASA spends in developing the spacesuits. For example, $12 million has been spent by NASA on flight suits worn by astronauts during Orion deep-space mission.

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