Top 9 ideation tools for startups – 9th may surprise you!

Top 9 ideation tools for startups – 9th may surprise you! -

Ideation tools to help you build your startup idea

Are you a startup still waiting for an idea to pop up? We understand that great ideas are hard to find. Hence we have made a list of top 9 tools that help you generate and validate reasonably good ideas.

It’s time to stop waiting and take the right step to actually arrive at the idea that you are waiting for.

Though there are many ideation tools that you can use, following is our curated list of ideation tools that can help you in your ideation process: is one of those ideation tools that helps you manage your business concepts and ideas in an effective manner. It lets your team capture great ideas and turns those ideas into actionable project plans. It helps you in listing your abstract ideas in the form of images or words & breaks up your ideas into next-steps which help you in shaping your business idea with ease.  Brainstorming is intrinsic to this tool which allows you to share your thoughts with people around and help in validating your idea.


Mindmeister is a mind mapping tool that hat lets you capture, develop, and share ideas visually. 13 million people are using this tool for brainstorming, project planning, and note-taking. It is a web-based tool that lets you do all your activities online.

It lets you share your mind maps with people of your choice and helps collaborate with them in real-time.  This enables the collaborators to quickly respond to changes or vote for ideas through an integrated chat system.

This tool has an attractive built-in presentation mode that lets you convert the mind maps into beautiful slideshows in seconds.

Its intuitive project management app lets you convert your brainstormed ideas into actionable tasks.


Javelin is an all in one solution to help businesses grow successfully. It enables you to identify customer needs, validate new business opportunities, and test if your solution is a fit for the market.

Using Javelin, you can define your customer hypotheses, conduct customer interviews for identifying their needs, develop a landing page for validating your idea, and ultimately arrive at a product-market fit.

X Mind

X Mind is a mind mapping and brainstorming tool which has been designed to generate ideas and inspire creativity. It offers fishbone charts, matrix, Organizational Chart, etc. which not only help to visually organize the relationships among complex ideas but also help to make an in-depth comparative analysis, track milestones, and schedules in chronological order.


It is a creativity tool designed only for the iPhone and iPad users.  Curator lets you add and reorganize different types of content together including your ideas, your thoughts, and your presentations. Using this tool, you can refine your visual story-telling, collect inspiration, create mood boards, and collaborate on the reference library.


Point lets you share and discuss your web pages with your friends. You can easily send the links to people without leaving the page or app you are in. It allows you to quote whatever you wish to share due to its ability to sit alongside the content.


IdeasWatch is a place where startup ideas are shared and discussed. Customers can share their ideas about the product that they wish to see in the market. Entrepreneurs can team up to discuss & test the viability of such ideas. There are more than 6000 entrepreneurs & over 2000 startup ideas on the platform that can help you in your idea generation process. 


Coggle is an online tool to help create and share mindmaps and flowcharts. It helps you to visualize your ideas and lets you share them with your friends and colleagues instantly i.e. it enables real-time collaboration.  Using Coggle, you can create beautiful notes quickly and easily.


All the tools stated above are suitable either for the ideation process or for validating your idea. What if you already have an existing business that is not generating enough profits for you?

In that case, if given a choice, you might prefer to use your existing resources and build your ideas over it rather than starting the ideation process from scratch.

ILAC is a powerful approach to arrive at a lucrative business idea using your existing resources and uncover profitable markets and products.

To Wrap-up

All the above-stated tools inspire creativity and help in generating or validating new ideas. Depending on the need, any of the above tools can be used either individually or in combination.

Do you feel there is something more to be included? Kindly write to us. We will be more than happy to consider your valuable suggestions.