A Promising Startup Fighting Against COVID-19


It’s a mushroom-based food supplement to boost immunity for fighting against COVID-19

CoronAid‘ is a food supplement made out of mushroom Cordyceps Militaris, which grows in the Himalayan region and is known for its anti-viral, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

A start-up, namely ‘Clone Deals’, incubated in Atal Incubation Centre – Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), has launched a mushroom-based food supplement ‘CoronAid’ that promises to increase the immunity of individuals for fighting against Covid-19 disease.
Clone Deals is also conducting many clinical trials of a drug procured from the mushroom Cordyceps Militaris and, after confirming the excellent result, would launch an anti-Covid-19 drug in the coming months.
‘CoronAid’, is a food supplement retrieved from a particular mushroom, namely Cordyceps Militaris, that mostly grows in the Himalayan region and is known for its immune-boosting and anti-oxidant elements. With the clinical trial results, the product is expected to be available from December 2020 Nationwide.

CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology) Director Rakesh Mishra and AIC-CCMB chief executive officer N. Madhursuhana R inaugurated the product, & said that it was safe for all ages, and anyone could take it as a food supplement. ‘Clone Deals’ has taken CCMB’s scientists’ assistance to identify the ‘cordycepin’ element’s strength. Cordycepin which is found in the mushroom can fight against Covid Virus, and is also much capable of stopping the growth of COVID-19 causing coronavirus in a cell culture system”.

The startup founders claimed the studies showed ‘cordycepin’ that inhibits the multiplication of coronavirus. ‘Clone Deals’ has the expertise in large-scale production of the mushroom in a controlled atmosphere for medicinal use. The founders said, “We have also sought government permission for conducting human clinical trials to establish the safety of the formulation to be used as potential medicine in the form of ‘cordyceps capsules.’

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