What is Grafting in Plants?

Tree of 40
Best example of Plant Grafting, The Tree of 40

Grafting is a technique that farmers, botanists, gardeners, and hobbyists use to add (graft) living tissue from one plant to another. The process takes advantage of this ability of plant tissues to grow new vascular tissue. The main plant’s vascular tissue joins with that of the added plant, keeping the new tissue alive and growing. Plants can reproduce asexually in this way. It’s quite similar to organ donation – when somebody needs a new liver or kidney, he/she can get one from a donor.

The body grows new blood vessels, and the new organ will start to grow and work in its new body. The same thing happens with plants in grafting, except that it’s much less expensive!

Best Example

One of the best examples of grafting is ‘Tree of 40’.

A Tree of 40 is one of the fruit trees which has been created by the artist Sam Van Aken, based in New York using this technique. Each tree produces forty different types of stone fruit, of the genus Prunus, that ripen in a sequential manner from July to October in the United States.

Types of Grafting

Image Source: pinterest.ca

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