A Startup that Effectively Manages Construction Projects through Simplified Communication Chain

app to manage construction projects

The App enables project owners and contractors to track on-site progress in real-time to help finish ‘on-time’ and ‘in-budget’

Powerplay is an early-stage startup that came into existence for solving the problem of delays and money loss in construction projects.

How it all started?

Iesh Dixit, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee & one of the founder & CEO of Powerplay got the business idea when he suffered from an unexpected increase in estimated budget and completion time by over 40% for his house interior work that he got it done through a contractor. With the data, he got convinced that such delays could be a reason for a huge loss of rental value for many big projects.

So the team (with Shubham Goyal as the founder and CTO) started with the problem that owners lost money due to delays in construction projects or when projects got costlier than planned.

How the Team Validated the Idea?

The startup got their idea validated through several customer interviews that taught them to move in the right direction.

The evolved solution now seems to fit perfectly with the problem that they identified. This is justified through the evidence that they have several customers in their bucket and the investment that they got from one of those customers.

What it means is their customers really care about the problem to be solved and the offered value proposition addresses their pains and delivers expected benefits.

The end to end Architecture & Construction project management has been simplified by Powerplay.

This app has a perfect use-case for companies that are not satisfied with unprofessional ways of communication through many social media apps.

How the app simplifies everything for everyone in the project?

CXOs and Owners

credit: powerplay

Top-level management gets a very insightful dashboard to track activities, inventory, and blockage in real-time. Maintain project portfolio with a reduction in project time and achieve targets in a minimal time.
Communication with the site team and office team has always been a pain point in the construction and architecture industry. Powerplay with its given features can effectively resolve this.

Project managers

Credit: Powerplay

Project managers have a lot of tasks and reports to maintain. Maintaining it has always been a very time-consuming process. Using Powerplay you can reduce it to a single click, so now project managers can focus on Projects.

Site engineers and supervisors

Site Supervisors’ deadlines have always been close to impossible. Now your site supervisors can report to Managers without any delay. They can generate reports in a single click and generate invoices to send to the purchase-team.


Contractors can also manage their projects, tasks, and communicate with vendors and clients on a single platform.


You can send purchase orders to vendors and they can manage supply and installation activities through Powerplay.


Powerplay’s dashboard can help clients see project updates. So, you don’t have to set long meetings with your clients and get paid for projects on time.

To Wrap Up

Managing a construction site is a big headache for the site owners. The comfort & benefits offered by the platform can relieve all those involved in the project through easy & effective communication. A few of the benefits that the app offers for architectural & construction projects are:

– Automate Daily Progress Report/Weekly Progress Report(DPR/WPR) for
customer and higher Management.
– Know real-time project margins
– Replace WhatsApp communication with the free app
– Invite all teams at one place for project coordination
– Track and request material inventory on-site
– Collect invoices from the site
– Get notified of delays
– Get progress on the project plan
– All site data at one place including photos, tasks, POs, invoices, material requests, attendance
– Collect site attendance on mobile
– Get live timeline visibility – project health
– Get paid faster for contracts

Everything boils down to a reduction in project completion time by 10% making the app a true companion for architectural & construction projects.

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