An Excellent Clean Fuel that Burns like Fossil Fuels

iron as an excellent clean fuel that can replace fossil fuels

Shockingly, the metal powder can be used as a clean fuel – an alternative to fossil fuels

Heat intensive processes of many of the industries require the burning of fossil fuels.

Can we think of anything that can burn like fossil fuels and still doesn’t cause pollution? – A clean fuel in true sense!

Can metal powders be used as fuels and that too as a greener alternative to fossil fuels? 

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Finely ground iron powder burns rapidly at high temperatures and releases energy. During the process, it gets oxidized into iron oxide (commonly called rust) and the best part is that it does not emit carbon. So it acts as a clean fuel.

What is even more interesting is that the rust can be converted back into iron with the application of electricity. This electricity can be supplied through other renewable energy sources like the wind and sun making the entire power generation process completely carbon-free. 

Image Credit: newatlas

The advantages of using iron as a fuel are:

  1. It’s super clean and eco-friendly when compared with fossil fuels. 
  2. Can be regenerated using electricity from renewable sources.
  3. Iron is abundant and cheap
  4. Easy and safe to transport
  5. Acts as a green battery that releases energy by burning and then can be recharged by application of electricity.
  6. A source with a good energy density.

Can it be turned into a profitable business idea?

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