What is a Wind Rose? How is it used?

What is a Wind Rose?
What is a Wind Rose?

The wind rose is an age-old method of graphically presenting the wind conditions, speed & direction, at a specific location over a period of time. The wind rose is calculated by logging the average wind direction and wind speed values at a site, at short intervals, over a period of time, e.g. 1 week, 1 month, or even longer.

The collected wind data is then sorted based on the wind direction so that the percentage of time that the wind was blowing from each direction can be determined. Typically the wind direction data is divided into twelve equal arc segments with each segment of 30°. A circular graph is then plotted in which the percentage of time that the wind blew from each of the twelve segments is represented by the radius of each of the twelve 30° direction segments. Superimposition of wind speed data on each direction segment can be used to indicate, for example, the average wind speed when the wind was blowing from that segment’s direction and the maximum wind speed during the period of logging.

Image Source: breeze-software.com

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