Top 10 digital skills to master in 2020

digital skills in demand in 2020

Digital Skills in Demand in 2020

Most of the companies are now realizing that there is a need more than ever before to upskill their employees in the digital sector. A combination of hard and soft skills is desired by many of the employers today.

Categorization of digital skills

Digital skills include a wide range of competencies and skills. They are classified broadly into three categories:

  • Basic digital skills – These skills judge the basic digital literacy of employees. Some of these digital skills are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and knowledge of enterprise management software like SAP. These proficiencies are now required in many of the job profiles.
  • Common digital skill:  Knowledge or proficiency in computer programming falls under this category.
  • Digital skills for specific needs: Computer networking, software to manage customer relationships, search engine optimization, and analysis, etc. are the digital skills meant to fulfill specific needs.

Top 10 digital skills in demand today

  • Programming and web development:
    This demands knowledge of languages like MySQL, PHP/Javascript, jQuery, etc. Knowing to code is central to such skills. Employers on LinkedIn demand these skills on a regular basis. New technologies like virtual or augmented reality also need coding. A list of projects showing coding skills can help job seekers to validate their expertise and getting a job of their choice.
  • UX design: 
    A user interface is something that is needed by websites, apps, and other digital services. It is the point of human-computer interaction and communication on a device, webpage, or app. Designers who can create an effective user experience will be high in demand. Organizations need more support to build customer-centric products and services.
  • Digital Business Analysis:
    This skill is used to help companies make a business case using existing analysis techniques for investing in a digital solution. In the rising digital economy, this is the most sought after skill as businesses dive into this new era of digital transformation.
  • Digital project management:
    This skill helps companies develop products and services in comparatively less time and a cost-effective manner. Digital project managers need to have a deep understanding of the development of new digital projects from ideation to implementation.
  • Data Analytics:
    With the advent of digitization, data is becoming more and more crucial for companies. Data scientists are high in demand across the globe. The demand for such job positions is more than the supply. Since data is now being used for various purposes like predicting customer behavior, optimization of business operations, new product innovation, etc. the demand for a data analyst is on the record high.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    It simulates human intelligence in machines. Learning and reasoning are a few of its goals. It enhances human capability. Those who can creatively use Artificial Intelligence, NLP (natural language programming), and machine learning or develop innovative technological applications from them will be high in demand for companies harnessing the power of such transformational technologies. AI is one of the key enablers of Industry 4.0.

It is also an indispensable part of the offered solutions by many of the startups operating even in non-IT sectors like waste management, manufacturing, space, etc.

  • Digital Marketing:
    Digital marketing is advertising through digital channels. It is promoting products and services by leveraging channels like emails, social media, websites, and search engines. Techniques used in digital marketing are also being used for testing assumptions about new products, discovering and validating customers, or getting feedback from the end-users or potential customers.

People skilled in marketing products or services digitally are high in demand even for small firms as this way of marketing has proven to be the fastest one in reaching out to existing customers, acquiring new customers, and business growth. Sub-skills which are popular and high in demand under the umbrella of digital marketing are search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing video marketing, email marketing.

  • Cloud Computing:
    It is the on-demand delivery of computing services including database, storage, servers & networking over the internet or cloud. It is based on pay-as-you-go pricing and users can use the above-said services as and when needed without buying and maintaining the physical data centers. As organizations of all sizes and types are using the cloud for a wide variety of use cases, the demand for those skilled in cloud computing is rising.
  • Blockchain:
    It came into existence in the year 2009 for its use in cryptocurrency. Blockchain is just a chain of multiple blocks. Here the blocks are analogous to the digital information that is stored in public databases (the chain). This technology is also being used in finance, healthcare, etc. This is soon going to be one of the most sought after digital skills due to its unique ability to securely store and move data across the internet.
  • Network and information security:
    Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns for organizations today due to continuous digital advancements. With the advancement in security features & techniques, the threats have also increased proportionately. The increased digital connectivity at workspaces has left companies at a greater risk of the data breach. Those who deeply understand online security and are skilled in the development of security features and technologies will be in demand today and in the years to come.


As digitization is becoming more pronounced, jobs are changing at a surprisingly high pace. Old roles and skills are disappearing and new ones are emerging. The demand for digital skills is growing exponentially. The critical problem of the gap between the skills that people have and those needed in the age of digitization needs to be addressed at the earliest to keep up the pace of technological growth.

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