Boosting Productivity in Business with 7 Practical Ways

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Proven techniques for boosting your productivity in Business

Escape the Burn-Out with these Productivity Hacks

One of the biggest reasons for our burn out is that many of us create a to-do list to an extent that never reaches its finish point. We forget to recreate ourselves, learn new skills of interest, and spend time with family and friends. Thus we all get stuck in a vicious circle and eventually reach a state of mental exhaustion.

The following are the top 7 ways by which you can prevent yourself from this exhaustion and focus only on the things that matter the most. This will increase your productivity manifolds.

1. Delegate the work to you team members

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None can deny the fact that most of the entrepreneurs need to learn new skills and do multitasking during the early stages of their business. This is required as the team size during the early phase of the startup is quite small. But many of the activities like billing, accounting, or the other work in which you lack expertise, can be outsourced to outside experts or service providers.

You need to understand that priority is set only for the most important activities and not for all. You should learn and involve yourself with only those aspects of your business that you have an interest in and delegate the rest to others. In this way, you can enhance your productivity and prevent burn-out due to monotonous or less interesting tasks.

2. Redefine your habits

Your good habits are certainly your strength but the bad ones can be your biggest weakness. Thus if you want to keep your productivity high at work, you need to re-evaluate your habits. You may break down your activities into very small chunks and observe where and when you indulge yourself into unproductive work like:

  1. Multi-tasking to finish most or all of the tasks at once.
  2.  Getting distracted by activities that are not related to business
  3. Getting involved with new assignments without finishing the previous one
  4. Not setting a strict schedule to fully utilize your productive hours.

Observe yourself and press the reset button for those habits that make you unproductive. The above-mentioned points can be helpful in tracking, tracing, and changing those habits and subsequently in increasing your productivity.

3. Reduce your effective working hours

Though we all have been listening to the importance of smart work for quite a while in a real sense we have not developed the habit to put it in practice. Now is the time to do just that. Understand that an anxious and distressed mind can never be productive.

Working hard with the only intention to complete all business activities can only make the situation worse by increasing stress and anxiety. The definition of stress indeed varies from one person to the other. Some can handle more stress in doing a particular task than others. So you need to know the kind of person you are and then do only those jobs in your business where you can be more productive.

The tasks that interest you can make you even more creative by helping you generate new ideas and encouraging you in devising new ways to reduce completion time. Also, you feel exhausted when you do not know how to stop yourself from working during your low energy levels. You may stop working physically but quite often fail to stop your mind from working.

The solution to this is developing a sense of detachment from the activities that make you anxious. By this, you will recover faster and come out more productive. If you start to unlearn those things that are not required and delegate those that do not interest you, you will begin to notice drastic improvements in your productivity levels.

4. Celebrate you uniqueness

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It’s always good not to copy others and have confidence in your own strengths and interests. You may get influenced by successful people around and try to copy their habits. For example, Indra Nooyi, the ex-CEO pf PepsiCo & Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. are among those leaders who wake up too early in the morning. Getting up early with a sense of simply copying such leaders without personal motivation does not produce the desired outcomes.

Though it’s certainly appreciable to learn from the habits of successful people, simply copying without understanding the compatibility of those habits with your interests, weaknesses, and culture, can do no good. See what you can learn from successful people and use them to your advantage without plainly mimicking them.

5. Avoid ‘linger on’

It is a well-known fact that you think more about pending tasks instead of finished ones. Hence you work harder to complete the unfinished tasks to add them to the list of finished ones. Sometimes the pending tasks are challenging and you ‘stick’ to them for quite long to complete.  Every time you leave such tasks unfinished, you develop anxiety that affects your mental and emotional well being and also sleep.

Hence it’s always good to keep such tasks aside for a while and do something that is less stressful or can be easily done. While you are away from those demanding assignments, do not think about them. You can always start to work afresh once you have recovered from stress and downtime.

6. Learn the art of ‘denying’

Before you start to look at this heading with frowning brows, recall the last time when you denied someone for a task because you were occupied with some other high priority assignments. Most probably, you must have felt relieved.

We know that saying no to someone may be difficult but it is very much essential if we want to remain unstressed.  If you always nod your head with a sign of ‘yes’ for everyone, you are sure to miss deadlines and your credibility will be at risk. Hence do not be hesitant or shy while saying ‘No’ to people for something that you do not consider worth spending time at. In case you cannot deny it because of your interest or association, it’s always better to suggest rescheduling of that task as per your convenience.

7. Focus on balance

We all know that extreme of everything is harmful. The same applies to work too. Balance your work-life environment by giving equal weightage to your work and your personal life. You can practice the following proven ways that help you avoid extreme:

  1. Meditate once in a day. It helps to de-clutter your mind.
  2. Take short breaks in the middle of your work to prevent burn out.
  3. Restructure your old belief of working i.e. “24×7 for 365”. Work less and produce more.


The above 7 ways are suggestions to increase your productivity. Learn from them and see how you can adapt and absorb them for the benefit of your own business or startup.  The important thing to be remembered is that working for long hours to finish the deadline seems to deliver less benefit in the long run. Only the unexhausted and unstressed mind can be productive and this is achieved through balance.

Do you feel there is something more to be included? Kindly write to us. We will be more than happy to consider your valuable suggestions.